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December 16th, 2007


Safe Home

Well, we managed to survive the harrowing, three day trip, with a diesel moving truck so large we could have parked the car in it after it was fully loaded (Penske didn't have a proper sized truck available, despite a two-week old reservation). And, of course, with three cats, a 22 month old, and my mother (who is increasingly bitchy and controlling as menopause catches up with her - she will not drink the red clover or nettle tea I get for her).

The last day of the trip, we ran a leg which on a normal day would take about six hours. We left the hotel that morning at 6:45 AM, with the snow already falling with thick flakes, and we never made it above around 43 mph even in the best sections of the I-90. There were dozens of cars stuck on the side of the road, or off in a ditch, and several accidents. A few times we had to stop off at rest areas because the going became so treacherous that we had to wait for a plow to go by so we could continue. By the time we hit Amsterdam, traffic had slowed to 25 mph. It was almost 5PM by the time we got home.

Now I'm waiting for my final grades to be posted. They were supposed to be due to the registrar's office yesterday, but nothing's been posted. I'm sure I did okay in Corporations and Local Government Law, but I'm not so sure about Tax. That exam was one of the worst-written things I've ever taken, and while intellectually I'd be surprised if I failed, my mind has been going over that exam so much that I've had almost-constant nightmares about finding out that I didn't pass and having to scramble to find a way to get three more credits to graduate.

The shitty thing about law school exams is that there aren't really "right" answers to questions - at least not that you can look up. They test analysis, and if you didn't properly figure out what the issue is that you're supposed to be analyzing then your entire answer is worthless. That test structure also leads to a lot of post-mortem self-flagellation about what a person should've/could've.

Anyway, we're trying to settle in here. At the moment we're waiting for another winter storm to finish blasting us with snow and freezing rain, but tomorrow Micah and I will probably try to get all the crazy paperwork done for setting up new lives in NY - drivers licenses, car registration, new bank account, etc., etc. We also need new clothes, since we got rid of everything that didn't fit perfectly in body or taste - it just wasn't worth carting them around anymore.

And studying for bar exam stuff.... suckage. Much tiredness here.

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