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Okay, so, I got the job. :) All judicial clerks in this agency start at the same time, so come September we'll be moving to Buffalo. In the meantime we're going to be living with my parents, first to study for the bar (booo) and then to work and save up money for a down payment (double booo).

I'm really excited about the job, though. I loved doing it for the court in Memphis. And this time I actually get paid!

BTW, anybody on Facebook?

For a while now I've been playing a certain Facebook app pretty regularly - Warbook. You have a "kingdom," and the land in your kingdom gives you money to spend on soldiers, which you can use to attack others and increase your kingdom's size even further. In other words, attacking other people is part of the game.

But recently people on there have been taking it WAY too seriously. I'm "polite" and only attack people once (you can attack them multiple times in a row, but it tends to irritate players), but for the past week or so people have been sending me stupid messages and attacking me back for "reprisals" for that one attack.

I really should just send a message back: "Hi, dumbass, getting attacked is part of the damn game. If you can't handle getting attacked even ONCE then maybe you shouldn't be playing a warlord. Dur."

The Internet. Serious fucking business.

Yeah, I didn't sleep last night. Can you tell?


congrats on the job.

There's a thing called Warbook? Sounds kinda interesting... aside from the attack happy people. I just use plain old facebook, and not very often at that=P

Again, congrats on the job. If anyone's earned it, you sure as hell did. :)

December 2007

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